How to pass your time efficiently in Lockdown… (My Opinion)

As you’re well aware of the current pandemic, every one of us has got affected due to it. I know many of you are enjoying your lives satisfactorily in this lockdown since as the maximum of you now hate the word “Lockdown”, the question that arises here is, what should you do to pass your time in this boring Lockdown? I am not a doctor or a psychologist or anything else perhaps I am a common man living on the Earth who has some common sense. Don’t take seriously. So I was telling you all how to live in this lockdown situation. Am I right? I know you all want me to go to the point directly. I will, but to get to the conclusion you’ve to bear some patience. Now, let us close our eyes for a moment and take a long, deep breath and forget all our worries and distresses. So didn’t you realize that you’ve achieved nothing in this lockdown? I mean that you haven’t accomplished a single task in this scenario that you can tell anyone with pride.

So, getting to the point, I want to tell you all that don’t waste your time. You should always find something to do. Whenever you feel your life has no motive or goals, this indicates that you’re making your own life a savage. If you don’t have any goals, start making goals for your life. Now, its time for me to go.

All the Best😊